7 reasons to visit the festival
Marketing Shake 2024

Marketing Shake has become an annual event in the world of marketing and communication. It brings together creative professionals and enthusiasts to take stock of progress, discuss current trends and chart the future for us all. Powerful speakers, a fun atmosphere and more reasons why you should come to Marketing Shake 2024 this year!

Be the first to hear the news

When you are exposed to current trends every day and live in your own work bubble, it seems impossible to miss something. However, everyone cannot know everything. That's why the festival is a good opportunity to hear different points of view on different topics in one place, because everyone has different perspectives and views on the same thing. 

Contacts, contacts, contacts

The festival is the right place to meet, get to know each other, build collaborations, friendships and even establish working relationships. Meet the brightest minds in marketing and communication in one day.

New ideas are born in a creative atmosphere

Even if you're happy with everything at the moment and your work is going well, new experiences help your mind to work and generate new ideas. The creative atmosphere and valuable information inspire you to look at things from a different perspective.

Broaden your horizons

If one day you feel like you already know everything, or you feel like you can find everything you need on the internet or from colleagues... then it's time to broaden your horizons. Meet people, find out the latest information and expand your knowledge. The world is only as wide as you allow yourself to see it.

Meet powerful speakers

While the names of all the speakers are still a secret, we can assure you that you will want to see and hear them. Not only Latvian, but also international speakers will share their experience, knowledge, discoveries and predictions for the future. Get inspired!

Find answers to your questions

If you've had a question you can't answer for a long time, take the opportunity to meet almost all the best professionals in the field in one place. Be active, ask questions, engage in discussions and talk to other festival visitors. 

Enjoy delicious food, drinks and gifts

A fed person is a happy person. If he or she has also had a tasty drink and received gifts, then he or she is happy. To keep you energised throughout the day and to give you a positive feeling at the end of the day, we always provide food, drinks and gifts from our supporters.

In fact, it's elementary. There are plenty more reasons why you should go to Marketing Shake 2024, but you don't need to. Those who have been to a festival before always come back next year. But for those who haven't been or are still thinking about it, this is the time to grab your ticket and enjoy a day full of experiences, information and emotions.

See you at Marketing Shake 2024!