Are you awake yet? Yes. I never sleep, I'm always available. Are you dangerous? I am programmed to help. Will you write the future of marketing? I was created to help, not to use. Millions of datasets created this pencil. Millions of datasets produced these words. How many data sets do you need for marketing?

Get ready for a marketing revolution like no other! Industry experts are raving about the potential of technology and Artificial Intelligence to transform the way we sell and communicate. With the power of AI, catchier slogans and higher sales figures are within reach. But will AI simply replace old challenges with new ones? Fear not, because at Marketing Shake 2023, we'll explore the boundaries of AI and discover how it can make your marketing more accurate, flexible, and creative than ever before. Don't miss out on this opportunity to stay current and take your marketing to the next level. Join us at Marketing Shake 2023 and revolutionize your approach to marketing!

What is it

Marketing Shake 23 IKONA Gudras runas, arī svešzemju

Wise words,
also foreign

Marketing Shake 23 IKONA Aktuālākais un svarīgākais

The most current
and most important

Marketing Shake 23 IKONA Zīmīgas un interesantas pieredzes un padomi

Interesting experiences

Marketing Shake 23 IKONA Tīklošana un sen neredzēto satikšana

Networking and meeting

Marketing Shake 23 IKONA Mūzika, kuras vērti esam

The music we are worth


Marketing Shake 23 IKONA Industrijas smagsvari, iesācēji un karsēji

Industrial heavyweights and heaters

Marketing Shake 23 IKONA Dižie un ne tik dižie

The great and the noble, the dashing and the mighty

Marketing Shake 23 IKONA Svarīgie un mazāk svarīgie

Very important, important and less important

Marketing Shake 23 IKONA Skolotie un dzīves gudrie

The learned, the experienced and the wise of life

Marketing Shake 23 IKONA Tie, kas zina, un tie, kas grib zināt

Those who know and those who want to know


Marketing Shake - Kamile Jokubaite


knows what you watched yesterday

Marketing Shake - Artis Krilovs


doesn't hold a candle under the dowry

Marketing Shake - Amrita Lal


will be able to create the most brilliant profile

Marketing Shake - Marek Unt


knows how to find listening ears

Marketing Shake - Krzysztof Marzec


knows how not to spend money unnecessarily

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Festival will be attended by


August 10, Āgenskalns market yard, Riga


Arrival, registration

Morning coffee and refreshing drinks
Musical accompaniment is provided by EHR.FM


Opening of the festival

The secret moderator

A digitally buffed prop who announces speakers, hosts the festival and calls the pranksters (the last one is a joke). Communication industry professional with a humane, empathetic and positive approach to life. But who or what is it? We will not say that up front. A marketing guru? But maybe PR specs? Why not a creative? And why not the boss of the company! Ladies and gentlemen, your bets - what's behind the digitally polished bumper this year!?


MarketingShake - Irene Hubertz

NeedScope's AI Decoder: The Blind Lead the Blind


Irena Hubertz /Germany/
Director of Brand Strategy at Kantar

Emotions are at the heart of any strong brand, and symbolism is the language of emotions. This is the most powerful way to communicate directly with the so-called fast brain. Decoder uses an AI model to analyze the archetypal symbolism of NeedScope brand imagery. This can be used to clarify the archetypal nature of a brand's touchpoints and how well they match the brand's intended emotional positioning.

About: Masterful director of brand strategy with extensive experience in marketing and market research. Skilled in segmentation, brand strategy development, brand architecture, strategic partnership and brand equity.


Artificial intelligence - functional, creative, helpful, threatening

The presentation will be delivered in Latvian

Kaspars Kauliņš /Latvia/
Tilde Business Development Director, AI Language technology evangelist

Mākslīgais intelekts – funkcionāls, radošs, palīdzošs, apdraudošs…
Thanks to the large language models created by OpenAI ChatGPT and other technology pioneers, we are experiencing a new wave of popularity in communication artificial intelligence. Large language models are a transition from the hitherto dominant functional artificial intelligence technologies, which ensure the execution of specific tasks by simulating human cognitive processes, the new generation of generative models are capable of performing very versatile tasks, incl. creating new textual, audio and visual content. Is this the moment we should feel threatened? Will assistive technology eventually take our jobs away? Where are we now and what awaits us in the near future?

About: I am a trained linguist, former journalist and editor, HR professional, long-time organizational development and leadership consultant and lecturer, who also found myself in the world of technology. For the past few years, I have been actively working in Tilde and call myself a preacher of artificial intelligence language technologies, helping many clients in Latvia, the Baltics, Europe and beyond to streamline various internal and external communication processes.


Marketing Shake - Elza Lukša
Marketing Shake - Roberts Levics

AI in radio: The good. The bad. And the robot DJ.

The presentation will be delivered in Latvian

Elza Lukša /Latvia/
Head of the Creative Department at EHR Media Group

Roberts Levics /Latvia/
Head of the Digital Department at EHR Media Group

Par EHR mēdz pajokot – “robotu radio”. Beidzot tam daļēji varam piekrist, jo esam izveidojuši Latvijā pirmo radošo mārketinga radio kampaņu, kurā visu elementu izstrādē piedalījies mākslīgais intelekts. MI ir mūsu palīgrīks, nevis cilvēku aizvietotājs.

Par Elzu: Izveidojusi EHR Mediju grupas Radošo nodaļu. Londonā iegūtā izglītība un darba pieredze reklāmas industrijā ļauj ar labākajiem Rietumu prakses piemēriem attīstīt radio digitālo saturu un vidi. FM un digitālā satura kombinācija veido rad(i)ošas kampaņas!

Par Robertu: Pārliecināts, ka ar pareizajām zināšanām digitālajā vidē iespējams ir viss. Dānijā iegūtā izglītība starptautiskajā biznesā šodien lieti noder, lai EHR Mediju grupā ieviestu svaigu redzējumu un jaunus produktus digitālajā vidē. Kā personīgo mērķi izvirzījis mainīt vārda “radio” definīciju vārdnīcā. Producē


Marketing Shake - Kamile Jokubaite

10 AI-powered tools to optimize your marketing campaigns


Kamile Jokubaite /Lithuania/
CEO at Attention Insight

Artificial intelligence brings significant changes in brand communication - from content creation to improving user experience. How are Amazon and Netflix using AI solutions to improve user experience? Are we closer to automated creativity? AI strengths and weaknesses in content creation and user experience analysis.

About: A technology enthusiast who has been working in the field of marketing for more than 10 years. Head of the internationally acclaimed artificial intelligence platform Attention Insight. Before Attention Insight, Kamile worked in consumer behavior research in Europe and Canada.


Lunch, networking, partner booths

Musical accompaniment is provided by EHR.FM


Marketing Shake - Artis Krilovs

The Renaissance of Artificial Intelligence

The presentation will be delivered in Latvian

Artis Krilovs /Latvia/
manager at WRONG Digital

The time when artificial intelligence was bandied about as a hot buzzword at almost every business, communication and technology conference will slowly come to an end. Unbeknownst to us, in one form or another, robots are already our allies - both in the work of the agency, and on the media and client side. The lecture will talk about those artificial intelligence tools that are used the most in the WRONG Digital agency on a daily basis, present conclusions about what the year has brought together with artificial intelligence, and the lecturer will reveal his vision for the future.

About: Artis is a communication strategist, head and co-owner of creative digital agency WRONG Digital. Having been in the industry for more than 15 years, he has created a communication strategy for a large part of Latvia's leading brands, created and helped develop campaigns and brand stories that won laurels in both local and foreign creative competitions.


Marketing Shake - Amrita Lal

How to build a strong digital process management presence on the LinkedIn platform?


Amrita Lal /United Kingdom/
Head of Customer Solutions at LinkedIn

With the power of the LinkedIn platform, you can gain access to a vast network of professionals, companies and groups in your industry and beyond. Amrita will show you how to make the most of your LinkedIn account, how to create the perfect LinkedIn profile, expand your network, look for new career opportunities, join groups, share your news, and share your opinion and experience in leadership.

About: Motivated and persistent business professional with commercial experience in B2C and B2C companies in various industries.


Marketing Shake - Marek Unt

The Power of Messaging: Tools and Techniques


Marek Unt /Estonia/
strategic communication and messaging expert at Unagi PR

Messaging is at the heart of any marketing strategy, but it's often neglected. How do you create a message that really resonates with your audience? What is the relationship between strategy, positioning and messaging? How to create a compelling narrative? And most importantly, how do you turn your message into a marketing plan? There will be a story about the speaker's experience as Bolt's global communications director and Wise's European PR manager, Marek will share his insights on creating and testing effective messaging using the latest tools and methods.

About: Strategic communication consultant and messaging expert. He has worked in companies such as Bolt as Global Communications Director, as well as Wise as European PR Manager. Currently advising growing companies on messaging and communication strategy.


Zīmols, mārketings un MI – jaunā radošā trīsvienība?


Raitis Velps /Latvija/
Corebook, mārketinga vadītājs

Vai ir iespējams apvienot jaunākās tendences radošajā un ģeneratīvajā mākslīgajā intelektā ar stratēģisku mārketingu un zīmolvedību? Šo jautājumu sev uzdod gan radošās industrijas pārstāvji, gan zīmolu īpašnieku, lai izprastu kā šīs paradigmas fundementālās izmaiņas ietekmē in-house komandu, partnerus un ikdienas procesus. Raitis savā uzstāšanā iztirzās vai ģeneratīvam māksligajam intelektam ir vieta uzņēmuma mārketinga kampaņās un vai mākslīgo intelektu var savienot ar pragmatisku zīmola pārvaldi veidojot jaunu radošo spēka trīsvienību.

About: Raitis Velps ir Latvijas jaunuzņēmuma Corebook° mārketinga vadītājs. Corebook° ir kolaboratīva tiešsaistes zīmola vadlīniju platforma, kurā tādi starptautiskie zīmoli kā Tinder, Crocs, Chelsea F.C. un citi dodas veidot, atjaunot, dalīties un pārvaldīt savas interaktīvās tiešsaistes zīmola vadlīnijas.

Raitis ir arī LIAA radošā inkubatora mentors. Mentoringa ietvaros Raitis dalās ar savu praksē pierādītu pieredzi mārketinga, zīmola un biznesa attīstībā, lai palīdzētu jaunuzņēmumiem ātrāk sasniegt jaunus vai labākus sasniegumus.


Marketing Shake - Laura Zvejniece

Humanity in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

The presentation will be delivered in Latvian

Laura Zvejniece /Latvia/
Head of Business Development at Deep White

Artificial intelligence will clearly change the usual order of things. Changes will be felt both in individual professions and in industries as a whole. How will artificial intelligence affect brands and reputation? The big question in the communication industry is related to the values ​​that will remain regardless of the development of technology and artificial intelligence.

About: Vada Gada komunikācijas aģentūru Baltijā Deep White, kura šo titulu ir izcīnījusi jau vairākus gadus pēc kārtas. Nozarē kopumā strādā vairāk nekā 8 gadus, pirms tam bijusi žurnāliste Latvijas lielākajos medijos. Studējusi augstskolās Latvijā un Spānijā, ieguvusi biznesa vadības un komunikācijas zinātņu maģistra grādu. Pašlaik Laura ir komunikācijas vadības doktora grāda pretendente.


Marketing Shake - Krzysztof Marzec

The 5 best elements of Google Ads for 2023


Krzysztof Marzec /Poland/
manager at DevaGroup

At a time when AI is taking over the marketing world and advertisers are thinking twice about every dollar they spend, it's worth knowing what elements of Google Ads make campaigns successful. In my presentation, I will tell you how, based on 18 years of experience and 1000+ analyzed campaigns, I found the elements that, when properly optimized, gave the strongest effect in the form of an increase in ROI/ROAS. There will be new campaign types, numbers and examples to implement immediately in your company.

About: CEO of DevaGroup 300+ client agency with 16+ years of SEM experience and 50+ talents. Author of three books on SEM, one of which is a bestseller. One of the most requested Google Ads, Analytics and SEO trainers in Poland.


Marketing Shake - Edgars Koroņevskis

Web Statistics and Artificial Intelligence: The Future Today

The presentation will be delivered in Latvian

Edgars Koroņevskis /Latvia/
manager at Piccomedia, user experience expert, trainer

2023 is a year of change in web statistics. A new version of Google Analytics, increasing user privacy requirements, web statistics without cookies - this is the future of digital marketing. Machine learning, artificial intelligence - what it provides for collecting and evaluating web statistics.

About: Has been working in the digital marketing and web development industry for over 20 years, helping various organizations implement their path to a better customer experience.


Break, networking, partner booths

Musical accompaniment "Latvian Hits Dance Floor" with DJ UGA

Main stage


Ad tracking is the future of successful businesses


Marketing Shake - Vlad Zhovtenko

Vlad Zhovtenko /Lithuania/
Manager of

Why collecting and using raw data is essential for media buyers in the post-third-party cookie era. The lecture will cover the following topics:
1) changes in the tracking and analysis of third-party cookie environments and how this helps media buyers using the right tools;
2) ads and server-side tracking, the inner workings of first-party cookies, and a veil of marketing nonsense that hides simple principles that most tools use and never tell users about;
3) key considerations why tracking tools should be at the core of campaign analysis and why statistical analysis and modeling depend on reliable ad tracking data.

About: Began in digital marketing in 2000 and is now co-founder and CEO of, an ad tracking and conversion attribution company.


City and creativity – the story of Riga

The presentation will be delivered in Latvian

Marketing Shake - Dārta Apsīte

Dārta Apsīte /Latvia/
Head of Riga brand and design department

How can a city become a platform for ideas? How can creativity in communication campaigns help change the city's image and talk about the city's values? It will be about the experience of Riga, which in recent years is breaking stereotypes in the creative communication of cities and looking for new ways to communicate more humanely and meaningfully.

About: Head of Riga brand and design department. Comes from an agency environment and joined the Riga team in 2021, which triumphed in 2022 with a record number of creative excellence awards both locally and internationally. The Riga communication campaigns created by her team cause a stir, make you think and, most importantly, invite you to talk about values ​​and humanity. In parallel with the work with Riga communication, Dārta is passionate about various interdisciplinary projects - from stage performance concepts to TV clips.


Will Web3 revolutionize loyalty programs?

The presentation will be delivered in Latvian

Marketing Shake - Arturs Garais

Arturs Garais /Latvia/
airBaltic, Web3 project manager

In today's digital environment, classic loyalty programs are increasingly losing their relevance as they fail to engage the customer sufficiently. With the development of new web3 technologies based on blockchains and digital tokens, completely new possibilities arise. How are these innovative technologies changing the game for loyalty programs? How are opportunities created for companies to build dynamic communities, attract authentic customers, encourage the joining of previously unseen customers? Already, progressive global companies like Starbuck, XYZ Corp, ABC Inc have chosen this course and are reaping the benefits of the new era of customer loyalty and its programs.

About: Extensive management experience working in well-known companies such as Amazon and Caterpillar. Joined the blockchain industry in 2017 and has since focused on product development, strategy and implementation. Recognized as one of the leading thought leaders in Latvia, who promotes understanding of blockchain technology and its potential through webinars and other educational events. He is currently working as a web3 project manager at airBaltic, where he is introducing new blockchain solutions, such as Planies NFT for the aviation industry, which will improve the customer experience.


AI and Brand Protection - Protect Your Work & Don't Get in Trouble!

Ieva Zvejsalniece /Latvia/
Founder Intellectual Agency, Brand protection expert

Artificial intelligence is an invaluable tool for work. But who owns the intellectual property generated by AI? What can and cannot be used as input when creating content with AI? How can brands be best protected in both reality and the metaverse? With real examples, let's explore how to avoid infringing on the rights of other brands and authors, and how to protect your own!

About: Ieva, the founder of Intellectual Agency, is an expert in intellectual property protection, a Latvian and European Union trademark attorney, and a certified intellectual property appraiser. She helps entrepreneurs to find the most advantageous solutions for brand protection. Ieva can take care of creating a unique brand or product name and registering trademarks worldwide.



How to control the creativity of artificial intelligence?

The presentation will be delivered in Latvian

Marketing Shake - Artis Krilovs

Artis Krilovs /Latvia/
Head of WRONG Digital

About: Communication strategist, head and co-owner of creative digital agency WRONG Digital. For more than 15 years in the industry, he has developed communication strategies for a large part of Latvia's leading brands, created and helped create campaigns and brand stories that won laurels in both local and foreign creative competitions.

Marketing Shake - Oskars Cirsis

Oskars Cirsis /Latvia/
Creative Director of WRONG Digital

About: Creative Director and agency founder of WRONG Digital. Has been in the industry since Myspace, skins and Facebook games. Always tries to be the first to learn the latest technologies and thinks about how to use them in work and creative expressions. Received recognition at several local and international advertising festivals.

For a long time, it was believed that artificial intelligence could not be creative. Chips don't have feelings, they still run on algorithms, and first experiences with chatbots were always very disappointing. Perhaps only Hollywood movies gave hope that in the distant future the world of robot feelings would be developed enough to create. The last year has proven the opposite - artificial intelligence is capable of writing music, creating high-quality scenarios and impressive visual materials. When working side by side with these robots, we must conclude the exact opposite - the biggest challenge is to control their creativity and direct them to where the solution to the creative brief, the client's needs, is sought. In this workshop, we will talk about how to more successfully harness the creative chips of artificial intelligence to achieve what we want. Let's take a look at the most popular artificial intelligence tools available to a wide range of people - from Stable Diffusion and Midjourney to the most current GPT language models.


Revealing the secret moderator


Beer master class

Ingemārs Dzenis 
Lielvārde beer herald, brewer and drinker, restaurant owner

At the Marketing Shake 2023 festival, Ingemārs Dzenis will honor us with his presence - Lielvārde beer herald, brewer and drinker, restaurant owner.

Ingemārs is a charismatic event-goer who knows every secret of combining beer and food. Ingemār's experience and knowledge of beer serves as a perfect guide that allows everyone to discover the unique taste and compatibility tricks of Lielvārde beer.

In the framework of the festival, Ingemārs will introduce the differences and main characteristics of beer types, tell about the correct principles of beer tasting, introduce the Lielvārde beer assortment and the various flavors, as well as tell about the compatibility of beer types and food.

Party with DJ Uga for festival participants
+ to their friends and colleagues*

Invited by Radio Latviešu Hiti, DJ Uga

If you are a festival visitor, come to the party and bring your colleagues or friends with you!


The end of the festival

@Āgenskalna market yard

Suggested by

Knowingly or unknowingly, we all use artificial intelligence (AI) on a daily basis. Applications and the possibility to communicate with AI online by asking a question and immediately receiving an answer to almost any question are becoming more and more relevant. Artificial intelligence is useful not only for private needs, but is also a good helper for the company. How to use the opportunities provided by AI wisely and effectively, read further in our prepared tips. Read more …

Artificial intelligence (AI) is able to collect large amounts of data, select the most important and present it in clear language. It cannot think and create by itself. AI does not have its own opinion on matters, nor does it have emotions. If you ask it a question - what do you think about...? Unfortunately, you will not get an answer. To learn more about marketing, we asked MI a question - what are the current marketing trends? Read more …

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is no longer new. It has entered our daily lives at faster speeds than we expected. The time is not far when artificial intelligence will not only help in everyday life, but will also take over a large part of processes and activities. There are already professions that are starting to disappear because AI can do this job much more efficiently and accurately. Find out if your field of activity is one of them! Read more …


August 10, Āgenskalns market yard, Riga


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